G.o.o.d is an app for girls (18 and under) who have been rescued from child prosititution to be able to listen to and support each other in a safe space.


Girls who have been through child prostitution/pornography feel as though they don't have anyone to talk to and help them because they feel alone.


An app to that connects girls who can relate to help support each other and be able to cope mentally.



The Interview

The interview was conducted with an employer at the Children of the Night,  non-profit organization located in California that helps children of all ages get away from prostitution and pornography, on June 16th at 4pm over the phone. A brief conclusion gathered from the interview is that the main age group are teens, 16-27, and mentally unstable.⁹

Empathy Map

Adrianna is a 16 year old who was saved by Children of the Night. She’s a Sophomore in High School and works at aWendy’s. She’s been with her foster family for about

2 months and has been having troubles adjusting to her new living situation. A lot of her current issues have a lot to do with her emotions about her past.






Thank you

Why should I trust you?

Leave me alone!

Why me?!

I don’t need your help!

You don’t know what I’ve been through

I’m so glad to be off the streets.

Why me?

I wish I had someone to talk to.

How do I get over this and act like it never happened?

Is my pimp going to find and hurt me again?

Lonely                     Lost

Angry                       Scared

Sad                            Confused

Anxious                  Overwhelmed Nervous                 Depressed


Yells at people who try to help her Locks herself away from everyone Talks to therapists, counselors, lawyers, medical personnel, etc. Tries to move on/forget

Cuts herself

Stays to herself

Making an Account

- To be able to download the app you have to be sent an invitation through email with an invitation number.

- Then there are on-boarding screens to help the user feel more comfortable using the app.

- To keep the privacy of the minor, G.o.o.d does not ask many personal questions and doesn’t ask for names to allow the user to remain anonymous.


Profile Picture

In G.o.o.d the only users that use photos as their profile picture are the volunteer therapists. To keep the minors anonymity they get to make avatars to look like them or not at all like them. 


User Flow


User Flow